I'm going on an Adventure!


If you’re reading this the day this was posted I’m probably on a plane or a train thinking about of what I’ve done, full of doubts, but please, don’t get me wrong. I’m super happy of what’s going on right now, however it’s not an easy thing to do. I’m excited and scared but most of all, I’m happy.

So, what’s going on is that I’ll be in Austria working as a Software Engineer. I was requested to arrive a week early to finish the Work Permit paperwork, which gives me some time to just hang out around there and visit some cities/countries around.

I’ve never been for a long period in Europe, last time I was there was because the company that I’ll be working for flew me over there to have an interview and to meet each other. That was only a week. During the interview I was really jetlagged and had a weird headache but still got through with a positive outcome.

I think that the hardest part will be being away from the people that I care about and love. I think that everything in life is a challenge and this is just part of it.

The idea of getting to be in a different country or city in less than two or three hours sounds really interesting and fun.

It’s Österreich time! :+1: